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Can't attest to the 19s

O.k. let's say you've got lots of cash and just don't care about the rust issue...then you go from there.

My experience: Had an 05 V-6 Auto coupe. It had traction control. I bought four takeoff bullitt wheels (17"). I bought four Michelin X ice snow tires. Most fun winter car I've had in years. Fun to floor it, fun to slam on the brakes. Looked for excuses every weekend to take short road trips in the snow. Wanna do donuts? Turn off the traction control. Want a little more traction...keep the gas tanks full. (This was in western NYS...snow and salt country).

I would not advise any Mustang in the snow without FOUR snow tires. More tires = more fun

I hate to admit it, though I hate auto trans, that option did make winter driving easier...Basically a no brainer.

So, buy the cheapest rims you can find...maybe 18s, and research snow tires and buy four new snow tires...the best currently recommended.

I would be asking...What are the cheapest rims of any size that will fit over the brakes in a 2011 GT ?

Then just have fun next winter

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