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I'll Add a New Rumor

I also heard a new rumor last night. When I was first shopping the 2011, I went to several dealerships and ultimately ordered from the one that USAA has a price agreement with. Last night, I got a call from the sales manager of one of the other dealerships that I had been looking at.

He told me that he was calling to let me know that 5.0's were at a trickle and that he still didn't have any on his lot. I told him not to worry about it and that I'd already ordered one. We got to talking about the trickle and he told me the following:

He said that, in the past, he could always check the status of vehicles in the vehicle tracking system and that, if there was a quality hold, it usually said so in the system. In this case, as you all already know, the cars aren't showing any hold in the system. They're just showing up as essentially parked wherever they are. The sales manager told me that the rumor is that Ford has surged all of their shipping capabilities to the new Festiva, which is already having an add campaign blitz. Apparently, Ford wants to have 30-40 Festivas on most dealer lots ASAP. The sales manager also said that, while people are lined up 2 deep for Mustangs, they're lined up 4 deep for Festivas. While this is just another rumor, I suppose its as believeable as the others.
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