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Originally Posted by Top Down View Post
Yes, I know, age is only ion the mind, but on the other hand, numbers do not lie. I am 46 and NOT going through a mid-life crisis (LOL!), but just want to enjoy my life. With that being said, the one concern I had when narrowing my choices down in cars was my age. I wanted something that would be right for me. I LOVE the Mustang look and was very excited about getting one...again, until I saw the numbers, and also thought about the several times I saw newer Mustangs, the drivers were twenty somethings, or early thirties for most part.

So my question is, on average, is the Mustang a "younger" persons car?

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If you think you are too old then you probably are. It isn't about your actual age, it is how you think about your age.

I am 40 and can't wait for my new stang to arrive. I don't care what others think, I never notice the age of other drivers in other cars. Windows down, stereo up and nothing else matters. If you find my post insulting, then it means you still have some fight in you which means you may not be too old for a mustang . . .


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