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Originally Posted by Barret1972 View Post
Just got off the phone with Ford Customer Service.

Order Date: 5-24

In production: 6-8 Today Wh00P!!!

Planned Arrival: 6-28

So minimum of 3 weeks out if everything is happy. I wonder if by ordering later then I bypass some of those "Hold for Quality" issues that some of you guys are experiencing. If the production line has been fixed then new cars rolling off shouldn't have to be held for quality where as cars built earlier and have been sitting have to go back through a quality check/ fix.

Yea let me keep my little dream afloat while I finally get my car before Thanksgiving.
How is this possible? The dealer said they placed my order as dealer stock on May 17th. Ford customer service said the order wasn't actually processed until May 27th. I don't even have a vin yet? I am just a little jealous. How is yours already in production, and I don't even have a vin#?

I understand that some of you have been waiting for months. I am not complaining, I am just wondering how this time line is supposed to work.


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