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Originally Posted by Mustang Airman View Post
People will always bust balls.

Most people love the grabber blue I have, but a lot of young guys, mainly teens and early 20's think it's a chicks color.

I don't care, I dig it. I love it. I didn't but the car to impress other people. Love your V6 Mustang...It's still a pony car!
Seems I have thew Same problem with my Grabber Blue V6, Except they ask why I got a Chick Motor in my Chick Colored car. Then I passed his Early 90's 5.0 GT getting on the freeway
But all in all, I have got a lot more good comments over the bad, and my V6 is getting pretty close to 29 MPG on the freeway, so we can laugh at them at the Gas station (under our breath of course ).
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