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Originally Posted by konabluegt11 View Post
jonny B sent me this info:

Awaiting Shipment Sent Offsite - Jf (Autoport Limited ) Autoalliance International Inc, MI Jun-05-2010, 22:20 ET

Not sure what the sent offsite means thou. sent offsite from AAI?
Eww, yeah, I got the same status update. I've seen a few others go offsite too. We don't know what it is, some people say it's like a temporary holding lot, but my personal belief is that this is where they put cars that need additional QC. Not all cars go offsite. Some do, and they have to go back to Ramp 5P or 51 or wherever it was before before they can ship, so in short: It's probably bad news. I only have solid evidence on one car, and it stayed offsite for a week before it was returned to the original ramp.

My car spent two weeks at Ramp 5P and was thrown offsite just an hour before yours.

Welcome back, JonnyB!

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