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I had a 89 in a 60 here in Texas. And, I had just gotten a stupid ticket for turning right on red and an intersection you are not supposed to, but I wasn't familiar with it. Afterward, I found the sign indicating such was 30 car lengths behind the intersection, hence why I didn't see it. Back to the ticket. I had an Attorney go to court to keep it off my record, but I had to pay the $271 fie plus court costs. It was worth it. With four cars, my increase in insurance would have easily eclipsed that amount. I also had to take defensive driving. No big deal, as it is online now. I have two weeks left on my 90 day deferred period. Keeping my fingers crossed!

You are lucky you didn't go to jail, as was I. I got a break because it was right before morning rush hour and I think the officer knew he would be getting a slough of tickets during the next hour.

Be careful out there!
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