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Originally Posted by fritzOSU03 View Post
Here is what I was told today. There are multiple small concerns with the car. From what I was told the most common concern, effecting about 3600 units, is a misprinted coolant label that recommends the wrong color coolant. About 200 units have been striped when they shouldn't have been, about 800 units are having a timing chain noise issue and a very small handful have a small noise at idle. I am told that they expect all units that are currently produced to be checked, and fixed if applicable, and to be shipped by 06/27. I wasn't able to clarify as to whether that was when they would leave or when they would arrive at the dealerships. I also wasn't able to get info into which of my 17 outstanding orders were effected by which concerns but was told they are checking every unit before releasing them.

Take this for what it is worth but this is the explanation that I received.
its the part all of this information has to come through the back channels instead of coming directly from Ford thats got a burr in my saddle. I've got a road trip coming up on the 4th of July weekend and I'll need my car by then. Its going to kill me if I can't have it. We're going to see my sister in law, with her guy who has a suped up 2005 GT. I'd just like to suprise him once we get up there.

BTW does that OSU03 mean you were educated down at Oklahoma State?

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