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I had a similar run in with a Maricopa County Sheriff off of Carefree Highway. I way doing 157mph in a 55mph zone. I was blatantly speeding, not one of those "Ď had no idea I was going that fast" situations.

To my good fortune he did not have me on radar, he just chased after me and I pulled over right away.

He wrote me a ticket for "Exhibition of Speed", and for 67mph in a 55 zone. The Exhibition of Speed is a violation that you NEVER want on your record. It's roughly 2 years without a license, and some minor jail time. I went and fought it with the states attorney who was prosecuting me. I ended up paying $485.00 for the 12mph over, and got the criminal charges dropped. It was a bad experience, but totally my fault.

I don't think it would be wise to fight it, because I think you run the risk of getting additional charges if you are ultimately found guilty. Pay the ticket and learn whatever lesson you need to teach yourself. Getting caught sucks for sure, but a speeding ticket is not the end of the world.


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