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One way to get your car

First I want to thank JohnnyB for getting me the information on my wife's car when no one else could.

Now for the funny part! We decided that waiting was too painfull (ordred April 1st, built April 24th and on ramp 51 since) and got the dealer to locate one of the few cars that made it through QC (a dealer stock order of course). It was transfered today and we pick it up tomorrow. The this afternoon I get a PM from JohnnyB, good news!!! My wifes car was released and is in Ontario, due for deliverey any day. LOL

So tonight we had to decide if we're taking the 11 GT Coupe we ordered or the 11 GT Covertable that we located. After an amazing run in the country side with the top down it was a no brainer, the covertible comes home tomorrow.

So if you want to get your cars out of ramp 51 just count on Murphy's Law and have your dealer transfer another unit in and your car will magically appear !!!

Oh and by the way, when you pass 4K on the tach just hang on, it's an blast!

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