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sigh... still no VIN number
Suposedly Customer service is looking into it. The lady gave me the stereotypical answer of well the 5.0's are on hold.... I asked her what in the world does all ready built cars being held for QC have anything to do with my car not even having a VIN assigned yet. To which she replied.... "Um well we are still looking into that I will call you back again in a week"

I just told her I dont care right now about how long its gonna take to be built I jsut want the VIN so I know everything is ok with the car order and that it is definately on the books

Had Ford not built such an amazing car with this new 5.0 I would never be waiting this long for a car. I know I have not nearly been waiting as long as some but yea.
I am no "Fan-Boy" of any car company, I go with the nicest car I can find that I like at the time and that fits me best and right now Ford has built a machine that really can not be beaten by anything in its price range and even many cars more expensive than it

But this will only go on for so long for me before its back to another Audi TT Quattro Roadster.

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