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Originally Posted by Tungstenstang View Post
Th V-6 will not drive fast like the GT will. It is a different feel.

However, the 2011 you get the updated styling, the vastly improved interior, and you can get a V6 track pack that will the GT suspension on it.

One thing you could consider is if you got the V6, the aftermarket will be hot for it with the new motor. A SC or turbo kit will put it past the 2011 GT horsepower if you care to go that fast.

If your decision is based upon the V8 sound and nasty torque, then the 05-10 GT is your car. I guess the 2010 has the new body and interior too. My vote is for the V8.

If it is more about the interior quality, new body the newness and the hype of the new drivetrains, then the 11 is your car. 30 mpg too.

In the end, what I would really do is the greedy thing, and spend 5K more and get a 2011 GT from a dealer that will sell it to you at invoice ($27,300+).
Thanks for your well thought out response.

I haven't driven an '11 yet but I have driven an '05 or '06 GT and liked it a lot. So I don't know if the new V6 has lesser feeling of low-end torque than the old GT. Without having the specs in front of me I don't know where the rpm difference is in max torque between the 4.6 and the V6, but to me the real proof will be in the driving anyway.

Overall I like the exterior styling of the last model better than the '10-ups, but I like the new interiors better. However, I don't dislike the new exterior styling, so it wouldn't be a strong deciding factor. I do like the sequentials on the new car much better though.

If money was no object, the '11 GT would be a no-brainer. However, I do have bills, a mortgage, etc. etc. so money is a consideration. Here (in Canada) the difference between a base V6 ($24000) and the cheapest GT (around $40000) is significant. I think the US market can buy a decontented GT for a lot less than we can, so it makes a GT pretty much unaffordable for me, unless I want to wait about 4 or 5 years for the price to come down. The difference in monthly payments (with a reasonable downpayment) is like $340 for the V6 vs $600 for the GT over 5 years. Not chump change IMHO.

Plus, the new vs used thing is not really a desire to have the latest and greatest, but more a practical thing. Like... a new car has new tires, new brakes, no rust, no wear, no damage, etc. whereas any used car is a bit of a gamble unless you know the previous owner. The idea of having a warranty for 3 years is attractive as well.

However, the V8 sound and torque is calling me! I guess it'll come down to the driving excitement, likely.

Looks like I'll have to think this one out a little more...

Any more ideas/opinions?
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