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Originally Posted by thor50 View Post
About week ago my car was here (In Transit Arrived at Intermediate Point (Csx Transportation ) Cumberlan, MD May-28-2010, 02:48 ET Jun-11-2010) Now today Johny sent me another update (In Transit Received - 1083 67 (Allied Systems Ltd ) Ramp 5R, Twin Oaks, PA Jun-04-2010, 17:45 ET
And I live in New York L.I. area , Does anyone know what this means ?? Looks like the car is going back to factory ??
I'm about 95% sure that Twin Oaks is just south of Philly, so your car is still on its way up. I'm picking up my car tomorrow () - also in Long Island and it was on ramp 5R for a very long time.

PS: Thanks so much for the updates Jonny, it's gotta take so much of your time to stay on top of all these PMs the way you have.
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