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Originally Posted by ChaosFury View Post
Actually the 2011 V6s WILL be as fast as the 05-10 GTs. There is a video of a v6 racing a 2010 GT, and the GT won... but only by a car length. And you have to remember a few things:

1. A girl was driving
2. It was an automatic
3. It didn't have the 3:73 gears
4. No performance package

The 2010 GT's 0-60 is rated around 5.1-5.2 sec. The new v6 with the performance package is rated at 5.1 seconds.

So yes the 2011 v6 performance pack is just as fast as the 2010 GT, even better on corners.
Oh nice! A female driver always has to be a negative factor, huh?? lol

I would prolly go with the GT only because I'm sure the prices will be a bit lower with the new 5.0's out. But if you are concerned with MPG, then I would just go with the V6!

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