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Originally Posted by bigkzilla View Post
I have been looking to put an aftermarket security system in my car. Still haven't really found one I like but anyways... Got in my car today wearing shorts for the first time this year and remembered something that bugged the crap out of me. The keys dangling down from the ignition hitting the top of my knee. Sure I can take the key off of the chain and problem solved but I was thinking of a cooler solution. Push to start. Problem is all the aftermarket ones that go into the electrical outlet on the dash you still have to use the key because of the security in the car. I think I might have found a way cool solution to both my security system and push to start problem:

StarDrive - Push Button Ignition System

Now the Mustang still has the factory PATS systems so you will need a bypass for that to get it to work but I thought this was too cool to not share wit you guys.
Do you just push the clutch in and then just push the button??:smoke:

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