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I never understood it until I had one. I grabbed a 2007 Lexus ES350 for lease assumption to get me by for 10 months until the Stang came out. It had push button start and in 10 months I became addicted for several reasons

1. You do not need to dig in your pocket when your hands are full, just grab door or trunk handle and open.

2. You do not need to worry about key scratching phone screen if you have a touch screen phone and keep it in your pocket like I do.

3. The FOB does not have a physical metal key sticking out so it sits in your pocket without stabbing you.

4. You can leave the car running, lock, go into store while taking the key with you.

5. Reasons mentioned above

I am having a hard time adapting back to a standard key, especially as bulky as it is!
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