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Originally Posted by FST HRSY View Post
I take offense to the comment that a girl was driving...what type of comment is that? I am a 25 yr old female...who knows my cars and can smoke any man out there on the road or track! Not all women are bad at driving. Any time I race somebody..beat them...then roll down my dark tinted windows the man is always shocked that a female just beat them.
So what? That's like saying you can't say "men are better at math than women" because there are some women out there who can beat 99.8% of men at math.

That doesn't change the truth as applied to statistics/populations. I'm a 6'1" asian. That doesn't mean I'm under the delusion that I would "take offense" if someone told me "white people are taller than asian people". It would be a truth. The fact there are exceptions to the rule is already understood by most cogent adults.
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