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Originally Posted by FST HRSY View Post
My comment was to point out that there are exceptions to the rule that girls don't know how to drive. It seemed to me that he was stating that because she's a girl she doesn't know how to race a car. From the video I am assuming that she's an enthusiast and that she knows how to race.
I think we should all be able to assume it wouldn't matter whether its a girl or a guy. We're talking about an Automatic V6! All anyone would have to do is step on the gas and drive straight. I kind of have the feeling the V6 Stang is not going to break em loose switching to third gear and be sliding all over the road. All I'm saying is that it doesn't matter who's driving!

As far as stereotypes are concerned.. The reason they exist is because they are generally true. Typically women aren't car enthusiasts and spend a lot of time roasting the tires like many men do. Doesn't mean they can't be, take a look at Danica Patrick and Ashley Force. People should not take offense to stereotypes unless the way they were delivered was meant to be offensive.

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