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Originally Posted by Mark C. View Post
Been tossing around the idea of getting another Mustang for awhile now. Up until this year I'd pretty much decided that I'd be getting a GT - a used one for reasons of affordability.

Now here comes the 2011 V6 with similar horsepower to the last GT for about the same price as a used GT around here.

So now, really the only argument for a used GT for me is that I've always been a fan of the V8 rumble, but it's getting hard to justify buying a used (probably abused) GT for the same price and similar performance of a brand spankin' new never-beaten-on V6 just for the engine sound.

What would you do?

I literally was pondering the same exact thing as you my friend.

I bought the V6 w/ 3:31, it is quick enough for me and handles great, I love it! It does not have the rumble of the V8, though it doesn't sound to bad for a sixer.

My plan is to possibly trade it in, in 5 yrs or so for a 2011-12 5.0. But to me the savings on insurance, payment and gas works for me right now. Good luck on your decision, let us know what you decide.

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