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Originally Posted by redflame View Post
I drove a 2011 v6 with the performance package. I hate to break the news to anyone but there’s no way the new V6 could even come close to keeping up with my 2008 GT. I have a CAI and a Breenspeed tune and its torque curve and pull is much stronger and in a better place in the rpm band.
- Not doubting your claim, but how were you able to drive a V6 with the PP? Are you involved in some type of automotive journalism?

- Stereotypes exist for a reason. They didn't get pulled out of thin air is what I'm saying. No need to take offense, especially over the internet.

- As far as '09 vs '10, it's all subjective. I mean, I liked the '05-'09 body until the '10 model showed me how blocky the rear looked on the '05-'09. Sure, at first I thought the '10 looked ugly, but it's human nature to resist change. I saw a spoiler-less '10 Sterling Gray V6 convertible today from the back, and I don't see how people can call it ugly.

- As I said earlier, in the '10 GT vs '11 V6 video, the V6 had stock 2.73 gears, while the GT had stock 3.31 gears. Put 3.31 gears (which should have been stock, but Ford needed it to be 2.73 to get that 30+ mpg rating) and I'd say it would be very, very close.

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