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Originally Posted by jordanjarrette View Post
Well definitely DON'T follow the instructions on American Muscle if you buy it from them. The instructions don't tell you that you actually have to cut out a portion of your existing grill in order to mount the billet onto it. They make it look like you remove the original and screw in the new one.

I actually had my dealership install it for me. They charged me (including the top/bottom grille) $320. So for me it was worth it in case they messed things up they'd be responsible. The dealership called American Muscle who admitted their instructions for the Black Billet Pony Delete Grill was "incorrect".

If you're good at doing mods, it's probably pretty easy, but I really didn't want to screw it up on my new baby LOL.
$320 for install? Sorry. Not sure how Ford charged you $320 for grille AND install if you can order them yourself from AM and get 6% discount as well. That'd still be about $170 for install.
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