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Don't let these people push you around

I am 63 yo. At this age, I don't have the money, the care, or the energy to keep my car clean.

My car is a silver color. Works pretty well with some dirt on it. Doesn't show much.

Black can look nasty when dirty, but why not just pick the color which pleases you most....when the car is new and clean. You're the one who walks up to it every day. What, of all the available colors is going to make you feel good and maybe even smile when you walk up to your car ? That's the color to pick.

And just where are you in relation to your car most of the time. You are inside it, looking out. Keep the inside of the windshield clean, wash the outside of it with the washers and wipers...that's all that should really count to you.

Personally, I now pride myself in keeping my car somewhat dirty most of the time. Proves to people I'm not anal. Maybe even makes me look wealthier than I am because I don't have to care about looks if I don't want to do so.:smoke:
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