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I've had my 5.0 - MT - brembo pkg - 3.55 for about a week/ 500 mixed miles and have learned to keep the rev's up (3K and up) than with the 4.6 I've also been surprised to find I use all 6 gears a lot - 3 thru 5 are sweet while 6th is dull & quiet (2K @ 65 - 70 mph). If i can believe the goofy bar chart on the dash, mileage in 6th appears to be best @ 80 mph ....interesting (VCT thing?). Handling is absolutely superb and worth the occasional rough ride over worn CA frwy. Biggest anxiety was no spare & can goop in trunk so I bought an $8 plug kit and $.79 bottle of water and feel better now.

This is a damn fine car and even my hot 50 yr old girlfriend thinks I look good behind the wheel. Life is good.

Minivan replacement: 2011 GT, manual, sterling grey over charcoal 401A, Brembo, 3.55, comfort, secur., a well configured stealthy sleeper
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