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Originally Posted by GreenTerror View Post
I test drove a 2011 5.0 today and I can say that I am not overally impressed with it. I have a 2005 GT and I really didn't think it was a HUGE difference in performance. Yes I could tell a difference and yes it was very nice. If I didn't have a mustang and looked to get one this would be my first choice. But for me I was not compelled to trade in my GT for the upgrade.

Anyone else with a GT drive a 5.0 and think this?

Well I have to ask if you have had any work done to the 2005 GT? What is the rear gear ratio? (3.31, 3.55, 3.73...etc). I have a 2009 GT and want to test drive a 5.0 soon so I can see how much faster it really is. I am really hoping I have the same reaction as you so i don't get the 5.0 fever!

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