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Originally Posted by Allentown View Post
I am the first to defend the 4.6 especially the 10 which had all the normal "mods" for free. I am the first to point out the 11 is not THAT much faster (as people claim). It's a great evolutionary step, not revolutionary.

But you are right. When it comes to acceleration at speed, the 4.6 won't compete. When it comes to wot drag racing, the 10 will be left 1 to 3 car lengths behind.

Still love that it's perfected and bulletproof though.

Really now?

A trap speed of 103-104 vs 110-112 (some have trapped 115 in stock form with the 5.0. check youtube) is a HUGE difference. That's murder in a drag race.

The 5.0 is tons faster than the 4.6.

I have a 2007 GT, full exhaust, CAI/tune and 4.10. Ran a best of 13.2 @ 107mph on stock tires.

I went and drove a 3.73 gear 2011 5.0 and it blew the socks off of my modded 2007 GT. The top end power is way stronger. It accelerates much faster while having taller gearing. I could easily run .5 seconds faster in the 5.0

A simple CAI, exhaust and tune on the 5.0's are getting them into low 12's (BMW M5 Territory.), add some rubber and they are running 11's.

A 4.6L with the same simple mods is barely making 12's.

Those who are somehow disappointed by the 5.0 vs the 4.6 are either smoking crack or expected GT500 power levels.
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