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Originally Posted by F91 View Post
I've got love for both cars, but honestly, unless you do drop another 4K$ into the engine, don't mess with the 5.0. Then you'd have to drop some more cash into the chassis if you want to hit the twisties. If anyone wants to see how many car lengths the 4.6 will finish behind the 5.0 in 1/4, look me up in a few months. I live a mile from the dragstrip. We could put it on youtube, etc...
My chasis is the same as yours thank you...with better tires and a few less pounds and hydraulic steering to boot. :P

Originally Posted by stevjowal View Post
I would think since there is about a 1 sec difference between a 2011 and 2010 in their 1/4 mile elapsed times, and the faster car is trapping at about 110 mph, or 160 feet per second - therefore the difference is more like 8 car lengths between the two. In practice it may be closer but probably more than 1-3 lengths!
8 car lengths at 110 and the 1/4 is the theoretical possibility there...if you have the BEST driver on the BEST DAY...i never denined that however.

But....i usually take my foot out of it once i get up to 60ish...thats where i was getting that 3 car length number from. The longer the race goes on the, the great the difference.

Since i dont routinely drag to the 1/4 when i get in my car and go some where..i actually DO care about 0-60 etc. :P (4.9 vs 4.5)

I suppose it depends on if we are talking about at the drag strip or daily driving. The 2011 is about fast a car as you can get at an affordable price either way..but the legal limits would prevent all but the MOST aggressive drivers from utilizing most of that extra power any where but on the track.

I am not knocking it...there is no such thing as TOO MUCH power in my book

But what i meant by "not a huge difference" is that you are not going to see it jump to Bugatti or even Ferrari performance...its a STEP faster, not a galaxy jump faster.... it doesnt have solid rockert boosters and you do not have to plan a rolll over maneuver to look back at the planet when you launch it.

I still would not trade that 1 second advantage in for buying an engine in the first year or possibly 2 of production...but there again..thats personal many its worth the headache.

PS...we will proably be having this same discussion in reverse when i spring for a Boss or shelby in 2013 and you will be trying to convince ME that my .3 second advantage to 60 "isn't reallly that much" or 'isnt really practical in the real world"..

Good times....

Originally Posted by Tungstenstang View Post
Really now?

A trap speed of 103-104 vs 110-112 (some have trapped 115 in stock form with the 5.0. check youtube) is a HUGE difference. That's murder in a drag race.

The 5.0 is tons faster than the 4.6.

I have a 2007 GT, full exhaust, CAI/tune and 4.10. Ran a best of 13.2 @ 107mph on stock tires.

I went and drove a 3.73 gear 2011 5.0 and it blew the socks off of my modded 2007 GT. The top end power is way stronger. It accelerates much faster while having taller gearing. I could easily run .5 seconds faster in the 5.0

A simple CAI, exhaust and tune on the 5.0's are getting them into low 12's (BMW M5 Territory.), add some rubber and they are running 11's.

A 4.6L with the same simple mods is barely making 12's.

Those who are somehow disappointed by the 5.0 vs the 4.6 are either smoking crack or expected GT500 power levels.
Also on youtube is nearly 100% stock 2010 GT running around 12.9 in the quarter..granted that was probably a perfect night and perfect launch..but youtube it, its there.

What has the world come to with 1/4s in the high 12s is considered "slow" for an every day driver!

Obviously as cars get faster things will change but there just arent very many cars i need that much power to get around. I have YET to find someone i couldnt just fly around if i needed to...there just arent that many SS's or 5.0s around and if one of them decides to stick his foot in it...he isnt in "my way" anyway.

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