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Go for it!

Hey Top Down! You should totally get one!

My grandfather was 71 when he bought his 1987 GT. He absolutely loved that car. Ultimately he loved Neenee more and had to find a different car (Crown Vic. 4.6L) that she could ride in comfortably.

If Papaw was still alive, he'd be 94 this year...and I bet he'd have the new 5.0 for sure!

I bought my 2008 GT in July of 2008. In November of 2009 I had an opportunity to visit with my family down south. I drove the Mustang down there for the first time. On the way to Neenee's I stopped by Papaw's grave to show him my new car. First thing's first, ya know. I had even stopped by the spray-n-wash just up the street from the cemetary so that I could make a proper introduction. I'm sure he would have loved a ride in my GT. I always imagine him as my co-pilot.

I come from a Ford family, and the Mustang has always been THE car to me (though the '68 Camaro is pretty awesome too!). I was 12 when Papaw bought his Mustang, 33 when I bought mine. I was too young to drive his Mustang, and he passed on before I could even get mine. But the dream he helped kindle within me to own one burns brightly to this day.

My advice to you is to get one. Get as much Mustang as you can. If you can only afford a V6, get it. If you can get a GT, DO IT! If you have a bunch of money, get a Shelby or a Roush!

Me, I barely make ends meet, but I'm almost two-thirds through my payments and living the dream.

I hope you get your Mustang, and that it blows your mind! ~Nate.

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