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Originally Posted by Allentown View Post

Also on youtube is nearly 100% stock 2010 GT running around 12.9 in the quarter..granted that was probably a perfect night and perfect launch..but youtube it, its there.

What has the world come to with 1/4s in the high 12s is considered "slow" for an every day driver!

Obviously as cars get faster things will change but there just arent very many cars i need that much power to get around. I have YET to find someone i couldnt just fly around if i needed to...there just arent that many SS's or 5.0s around and if one of them decides to stick his foot in it...he isnt in "my way" anyway.
What do you mean "Nearly 100% stock." No 4.6 is pulling a 12.9 without drag radials.

We're talking 100% stock, period.

Cars trapping as high as 115mph vs the other that probably has trapped a max of 105 or 106.

An average 8-9 mph trap speed difference is HUGE.

Besides, i am talking trap speed, which truly demonstrates the cars power and acceleration, vs an ET which depends on traction and launch moreso than anything.

Case in point, you said they are not that much faster, and you're just dead wrong. They are considerably faster.
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