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Originally Posted by Allentown View Post
We are arguing over syntax. I do consider 1 second to be a large difference, just not enough to account for the hype...which would lead one to believe they were producing chariots that you can ride to heaven in...have a cup of tea with Jesus Christ and then get dumped into a bed full of Pamela Anderson clones.

I stand corrected on the definition of the word 'huge"...but not on my opinion about the hype.

Also the problem comes in with our views of time and are looking at it from a strictly racing view which you should.

I made the MISTAKE of looking at it in the practical view where i have never seen someone walk into the office a second ahead of me and then FLIP out about how much later to work i was than him. lol

However, that was my mistake clearly.

YouTube - 2010 Mustang in the 12's


You stand corrected (on that point)

6 months ago
Yea lower control arm, the fog light removed because that is where the intake box is. The car still had the factory air filter, street tires, and the stock 3.73's. Awesome driver. Car just went 11.96 last month on full slicks and more mods but still stock longblock. "


There, i admitted where i was i will wait for you to admit you were.

Your personal interpretation of the hype by expecting the ride off into heaven having a drink with Jesus is your own fault.

I nowhere in any place ever heard anything that hyped the car to that extent.

If you consider a 1 second difference to not live up to the hype, then you are on drugs.

Besides, for the 3rd time, I am looking at trap speeds that show the car's true power. Not ET's.

115mph vs that 2010's 107mph. 8 mph difference. If that 2010's run had the 5.0 in it, considering equal traction, launch, etc, it would have ran 12.2 seconds.

That is a very big difference.

It takes a hell of a lot more to go 12.8 from 13.5 (car averages) than it does from say... 16.0 to 15.0. or even 15.0 to 14.0

The car has 33% more power FCOL. Your expectation was clearly unrealistic.

That 2010's 11.9 run was with way more than just the addition of slicks. He trapped 113mph in that run. You can hear he had it cammed. Starting to get major mods for that time, where as the 5.0 does it with a CAI/tune and slicks. All else stock.

Fine. Street tires. I was wrong. But he had other mods to increase launch and traction, UCA and LCA and an X-pipe. The concept of increasing traction to gain that time wasn't a faulty assumption.

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