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Michelin X ice (Xi2) or Bridgestone Blizzak WS-60 are most likely the best tires for winter driving.
As Propaganda 13 states, and Car & Driver agrees with, such tires are not meant for high speed driving..80 mph and above. Any Snow tire is a soft rubber compound, so they flex and work well in snow and ice, therefore they wear quickly and are not great handling on dry pavement.

And also best bet is to have spare wheels for the tires...makes a change very quick when necessary. I would look at tire prices depending on what wheel size you pick. A smaller wheel size than your summer tires are on may be cheaper for tires. Take off wheels of alloy material may be available online cheaper than anything else. I paid $300. total for four Bullitt style takeoffs and used them for winter driving....but those were 17" wheels and you may need at least 18s...I am not sure.
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