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My issue has never been the release date of the cars, (ok I want mine as bad as the next guy) but I've said it before and I'll say it again, my issue with Ford is the lack of COMMUNICATION! Tell us what's going wrong. We didn't put money down on a car to not be in the know......I want if fixed, but I also want to know what's going on and why the hold up. Its really not that hard to talk about. I understand that Quality is Job 1. But I also know from a PR standpoint that having no communication and letting the rumors run wild is WORSE in most cases than saying, "Ya know we had an issue, but we're getting it fixed and we know you'll love your car as much as we do, so that's why we are taking the time to get it right!" This shows character, and a commitment to quality. Anything less makes you and your customers question it, and I guess its something that their PR department has either never learned or has forgotten about......

Don't get me wrong, I'm not cancelling my orders, but its the lack of communication and commitment in talking with your customers is what has me upset more than anything that COULD be wrong with the cars. I just want someone to talk to me about whats wrong with my vehicle and what they are doing to make it right.....

My wife's first Mustang was hit ON THE LOT before we bought the car. We knew it was repaired right, we had it looked over with a fine tooth comb just to make sure, but it was right and thats why we still bought it. So don't get me wrong, we are all human and mistakes happen, but don't keep it from me. It makes the situation worse than it already is. Just like this car, it happens but you told us about it and made it right. That was true character by the salesman.Thats the reason I bought my Mustang from him. I wish he was still working for that dealer cause I would have bought from him again this time around too.

As my father, who was in the car business for over 40 years said, "When you have an issue, man up. Its about character and not holding back. Man up to what's going wrong, fix it, and tell the customer." He sold everything from Honda's to being a part of the GM Legion of Leaders, a Chevy Dealer ( I know, he still tells me to buy Ford lol), and a Ford, Lincoln, Mecury General Sales Manager. I grew up in the Dealer Business. Common Sales Sense tells you not to withhold this kind of informaiton from your customer.

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