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I have always been a Camaro fan; however, both the Camaro and Mustang lacked during my formative years. My uncle had a 1981 Camaro that he pretty much gave away when he moved to England. It didn't help that he later said I should have given it to you (I was about 10 at the time). When Chevy announced that they would be producing the Camaro again I was ready to buy. I liked the throwback to some elements of the 69. I drove one about the same time as news of the 2011 Mustang started to come out. I liked the Camaro but decided to wait on the 2011 Mustang just to see. Hands down the Mustang beat it in every category from interior design, exterior design, available options/price, and overall driving experience. I never thought I'd own a Mustang, but after driving both there was no contest.
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