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I agree with DawgPny

I was originally going to get the 401 package. It looks great in the pictures.

You get different seats, shift knob (I think), chrome pony on inside door panel, and dark inserts on dash.

What I didn't like about it was:
* Seats have a smooth surface (standard seats profile looks nicer, IMHO).
* I do not like the pattern of the dash insert. It is not dark aluminum (it isnt aluminum at all, I don't think). I think the standard looks more expensive.

To me, they felt the same comfort (I only sat in the cars, but didn't notice a difference).

The only other seat package I would consider is the 402A (CS). They seem pretty cool, and the dash insert is nice. Only thing is, I like the exterior looks of the 400A better, so that will be my choice.

In the end, before you buy, you must go to the dealer and sit in them yourself. Then you will know you made the right decision. There were many options I was going to get, until I seen them in person. Take the time and go and see (if possible).
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