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Have used Amsoil for the past ten years. It has done extremely well in both my vehicles. I also do Blackstone oil analysis just to make sure the oil and filter is doing what they are susposed to. Amsoil is a very high grade oil. I believe a high tier 111 or tier IV I can;t remember which at the moment. Much better then OEM or blended oils. I would not trust any OEM filter for 25,000 miles without an analysis to back it up. Remember, FORD is only interested in getting the engine past the warranty mark and running any filter for 25,000 miles is extreme even for Amsoil. Even with a large sump, the filter still has to filter all the oil and will fill up with debris. Also, most of the running we do is actually classed as Extreme by the oil companies due to stop and go traffic and that cuts the maxium milage by at least 30%. I run my Amsoil, Mobil one or Pure One filters for around 6-8,000 miles and leave my Amsoil oil in for 12-16,000 or every other filter. As long as you can keep the oil clean then most better oils will do the job for many miles. My oil analysis have always been great with the TBN at more then half of new. Remember, with the cost of a new engine, good oil and filters are a great investment. For anyone who wants to learn more about oil or filters visit bobistheoilguy. It is a site for and about oils and you will learn everything you wanted to know.
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