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It seems that some are taking this original thread a little too seriously. I understand his point. I test drove a 2010 cadillac CTS-V about 3 weeks ago that I felt the exact same way about. This car has a 556 HP supercharged 6.2L and does 0-60 in 3.9 with a 12.4 1/4 mile. This car ABSOLUTELY did not feel that fast seat of the pants when I drove it. I drove in "D" and also used the steering wheel paddles. The car, no doubt, was fast but certainly didn't garner the hype based on how it felt to me. With that being said, both the 2010 and 2011 mustangs are fine cars. Who cares if the 2011 is more powerful and a few 10ths quicker? The 2010 can be had cheaply with great financing now. The 2010 has more tha enough power for daily real world driving, i.e., passing, on ramps etc. Who street races anymore? Its not like the old days when you'd just get a ticket. Now, your car gets impounded on the spot. I just recently got rid of a 2008 Z06. Now, that car was fast and in a league of its own but after having it a short while, I realized that there was absolutely nowhere that I could utilize that power in a real world daily commute. I bought that car for the same fundamental reason that everyone is scrambling to get their hands on the new 2011 5.0; bragging rights; the type of car that you don't necesarilly have to go fast in because everyone knows that you can go fast. I ultimately sold the Z06 because I drove it no different than any other car I had owned and it just became a hassle as a daily driver. The clutch was too stiff. The suspension was too harsh. I had to have it when it came out though. It took me 2 years to convince my wife to let me buy it and then I wound up almost hating it. I just got my new 2010 GT and I absolutely love it! This is the nicest car I've owned in several years. This car is night and day difference with regard to quality/fit and finish compared to that Z06 and my current Corvette. The Electronics Package on this Mustang is reason enough to buy this car. With regard to the performance of the 2010 Mustang, a VW Beetle would beat me at a stoplight race becasue the VW would be racing by itself. I don't race so the power difference between the 2010/2011 Mustangs is not an issue for me. If that's your thing, then the 2011 is for you. Wishing everyone continued health and success and remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion.
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