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So i go to get into my new GT premium for the first time. I hop in it turn it on and it souds amazing. Take it out for a spin and this guy in a camaro wants to fool around. So i figure hell yea time to nut up or shut up. I slam down the pedal and......




Tell me this how many Camaro's can I leave eating my dust with an empty garage?

How many Ricers with graphics and a fart-can am I able to make look stupid with no ride?

How many "Wow that's a nice Car" or jealous looks or holy **** moments does walking to and from work get me?

Nearly two months now and neither Ford CS nor my dealer has a clue what the hell planet they are on let alone why I havent even had a VIN number assigned yet.
Well I gave the dealer the ultimatum today. Either they find out wtf is goign on and why my order hasnt even processed within the next two weeks or I am gone.

No one feed me any BS about holds or QC or Ford needs to get the car right because plain and simple none of that has anything to do with the fact that the order hasnt even processed yet/ that I have no VIN/ and the car doesnt even exist yet.

If I am gonna pay over 40 G's for a vehicle you would think the dealership and Ford would show a little more Customer Service.

Sorry for the rant guys but the lack of info cannot be excused.

2011 Mustang GT Premium
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