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My first car was a 1965 Mustang, my second, a 1966 Mustang. My third car was a 1970 1/2 Z28. My 2006 GT is the first Mustang I'v owned since 1977. Had GM made a Camaro comparable to the stang, I would have bought it. Not a Ford guy or a Chevy guy. I gave a guy in an SS the thumbs up the other day. I flip off the idiots that buy Japanese and German cars. That's the enemy, talk about a HUGE transfer in wealth!!! Like Donald Trump says jokingly, if we quit buying Japanase and Chinese products, they won't have the money to lone us! As for German cars, they are the most over-priced cars on the market today. Period. And they don't hold value, the average asking price of a 2006 M3 is 35K, the Mustang GT is 20k (count=1,247). 2001 M3 is 13K, 2001 Mustang is 11k. Look at the original prices and you do the math.

2006 GT, FRPP drag pack, FRPP handling pack
2011 GT ordered 1/30, off the truck on 6/21

Black GT - 401a, Black/Cashmere interior
6 spd, spoiler delete, security package
3.73, HID, comfort package
Brembo brake package, Glass top
First mod - CS front fascia
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