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Originally Posted by FORDMOPAR70 View Post
Speed or power is not only factor... updated suspension, electronic stability control*, electronic steering, 6 speed transmission, brembo brakes*, etc.

*w/ brembo brake pkg.

Speed is just a small piece of a larger puzzle.
Finally..AN 11 owner who makes my point for me.

Speed is NOT the only factor. The 11 has the SAME suspension, the same advance trac stability control, and on my particular version....the entire Shelby GT 500 suspension, carbon fibor clutch plate, 19 insh summer tires (whic are NOT standard on the 11s), short shifter, improved aerodynamics, decresed wind noise as the 11s have..and is a few pounds lighter to boot.

Speed is just one SMALL piece of the puzzle indeed.

Thus why someone would not understand the hype going from the 10 to the 11.

Thank you!

I will conceded defeat on having a 6speed but not about the electronic steering..i much prefer (as did many of the reviewers..the very well tuned in hydraulic steering on the 10s)

Its also 94% as quiet as the 11s..(some say they made the 11s too quiet) so that negates the whole "nice ride/very comfy/very refined) piece of the hype also.

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