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i saw them set there's up sounded cool. Saw QTP screamers as well those sound nice and quiet then flip of switch really loud, sucks or having to cut the rear fascial to get them to fit. (kinda like a electric cutout but keeps the hot air goin out the back end n not from underneath the car.)

Flowmaster is what i am goin with they had a protype at Super Summit this past weekend and i can say HC!
The american thunders sound cool for axle back but the guy showed me the new 300 series that are cat back omg very awesome.

Now my neighbor is sending his to a company in Berea think the name is Corsair or something. it's a $1200 exhaust system they are doin for free cuz they really want their hands on a 5.0 gt. they talked to me i said no thanks i dont want to be down my car for 4-6 weeks for them to create a exhaust system and then take it across to medina and have it dynoed.Call me crazy i am just not that trusting lol.

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