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Originally Posted by mad4macs View Post
Based on that "logic", Ford built an inline 6 from 1965 to 1996, therefore that engines record of proven reliability trumps yours by several years. As a matter of fact, it ought to be enough for you to yank your 4.6l out tomorrow.

Good luck with your mighty 165 HP motor
That was not exactly the logic..obviously there are newer and faster engines which ALSO have already been in fabrication long enough to have the bugs worked out..i figure 12 to 18 months into production should be GOOD need to go back and look for the longest running production engine

And its not always JUST the engine but the car itself. My 05V6 used the already in production V6 but it would stall out if you tapped the gas hard and let off when taking off from a stop sign but then realizing you needed to wait....the result was a total loss of power and difficult breaking while rolling out into an intersection in front of on-coming traffic..without power to hit it and get out of the way (can yo say sitting duck).... Took it to Ford 4 times.....NO ERRORs listed on the OBD-II computer.

So...i some what speak from experience... Also i had an 04 would flood if you cranked it and then turned it off before letting it warm up. The oil would foam on the dip stick and turn to sludge in cold weather.

My 05 Durango has had to have nearly every piece of eletronic equipment it HAS replaced, and my 2008 Versa had a new transmission after 32K miles.

THERE ARE reasons to buy in the final year of production...believe me.

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