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Ford, are you reading these forums?

If Ford thinks not providing any information on these holds is a betters solution than providing some meaningful information...they are wrong. I have heard others say that they are trying to minimize rumors and speculation by not sharing the reason for the hold or some ideal of when they will ship. In absense of real information people will just make up reasons or jump to conclusions not to mention this is creating a lot of frustration and ill will among their customer base. I understand this is a new drivetrain and there may be issues and if you tell me that then I can accept the wait but not to tell us anything is not acceptable. You get people posting that no shipments until 7/25 and my immediate response is "forget this, I am out of here" and there will be lots of others will do the same. Unfortunately most of us assume the worst and start thinking there are major problems with this car....maybe that is true but probably not but since Ford refuses to give us a status update they bring this on themselves. To bad, the new 5.0 was creating a huge they run the risk of throwing cold water on the introduction of this car....just my opinion.

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