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Originally Posted by Gizmo2 View Post
I believe dealers are invoice for cars that are ordered (sold) in a very short time frame, way before the car shows up at the dealership. I would imagine Ford would like to stock the selves of cars that are not sold or already ordered by customers so they can sell more. I would think this is good business. Is it fair, well that may be another story? One thing for sure, if Ford does not sell cars they won’t be making any. The point in ordering a car is not necessarily to get it early but to get the car you want.
Very good point. The dealerships have to have stock too. I think people would like 100% of cars to be sold to the people that ordered them first, then to dealers. There must be a mix.

Sorta like if I ordered something from a Sears catalog and it takes 1 month to come in, I wouldn't get pissed that the store got the delivery before me. If the stores are not stocked, then the company loses money.

For cars, if you want them fast, you have to get them off the lot. For ordering, I would typically expect about 2 months and be happy if I get it sooner. With the 2011 Mustang, you could have even bigger delays for 2 main reasons.
  1. Surge of purchases due to many waiting for the bigger engine.
  2. Its a completely new powertrain. Expect that there will be production issues. Every OEM has production issues with new launches, just the nature of the beast. Believe me, for those not in the auto industry, you would be shocked to see the amount of effort that goes in to get a smooth launch. But these vehicles are so complex that things are bound to go wrong a small bit.
I know the lack of communication sucks. I don't think that Ford is acting any different than every other OEM (Toyota, GM, Chrysler, ...), however. The companies are afraid if they admit they have issues, that their image would be tarnished. Especially important for the American companies, because we have spent so many years with the perception that American quality < Japanese quality. The truth is that quality is nearly equal now days, and has been for a while (last I checked).
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