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Originally Posted by Gizmo2 View Post
I guess you showed them??????
I have ordered many new vehicles, mainly Toyota and GM. I have never owned a Ford in my life. Reading over the forum and taking in all the considerations of a newer vehicle and from my past experience, Ford seems to be no better OR no worse than any of the others. Reading over your post I would say, essentially main production of the new cars was on or about 5/1/10 and I would bet that was the plan all along. Deliveries usually take about three weeks after it is built. Heck, I bet I could order a new 2012, today. Would I get it in 2-3 months???? Just saying!
You're obviously not reading ALL of the posts here. A LOT of people had their cars on some mysterious hold called "final inspection." They sat for weeks at Ramp 51 (or are still there) with no movement. Main production was NOT 5/1. I believe it was 3/15 or thereabouts.

And you can't order a 2012 today.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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