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Originally Posted by CorvetteDreamin View Post
Many people have been VERY patient. The issue isn't the wait. The issue is INFORMATION while waiting. Currently the message is, "Your car is undergoing final inspection." And, "All cars will be shipped in late July."

Considering some peoples orders have been pending delivery since early April build dates, this is just entirely unacceptable. It takes 1-2 days to build a car and a few to ship it. Why does it take 30, 60, or more to do a "final inspection?"

Patience isn't what's needed here. Information is.
Mostly what I'm seeing is people acting like crack addicts that can't find a fix.

All I'm saying is that we've all seen this before, and folks just need to take a deep breath, the cars will make it out to the dealerships. No reason to panic and stress out about it.

I Hate GM, deal with it.
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