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Originally Posted by csm24id3en View Post
I'm finding that my order for a 2011 GT500 is discouraging to say the least. I can also see from different threads I'm not alone. I feel compelled to relate my story in this thread. I think Fords problems go well beyond the production facility and ramp 51. I ordered my car on 03/28/10. Within 3 weeks it was scheduled for production, I had a VIN, and an ETA of 05/16/10. My dealer was, and still is, keeping me informed every step of the way. By 05/05/10 the car is produced, and the dealer has the title. We're getting excited. Then the ramp 51 fiasco. On 06/01/10 the car is released for tansit, signed for by the rail carrier and a new ETA of 06/09/10. On 06/07/10 the car is in Rolla CO and signed for by the trucking company, and here it is 06/15/10, and it's still sitting outside waiting for a truck. This car has been exposed to the elements more in the past month and a half then it will be, if I ever get it. I'm amazed that an established company like Ford conducts business this way. I served in the Army for 23 years, if we had conducted business the way FORD has handled this, our country would be in a mess. I still look forward to getting the car, but I'm very dissapointed. Before closing I think it's important to note this is the fourth vehicle I ordered from Ford, never had a problem like this!!!!
Take no personal offense (and thanks for your service -- I gave my 3 years to the Army 20 years ago and now serve the Marines as a contractor) but here you go:

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