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Originally Posted by RadioRich View Post
OK, I've been watching my order now for some time.
Last week, my dealer, told me that he expected my car 'any day'.
I think he's unaware of this factory hold or he is worried I may ask for my deposit back. So.... today I called Ford Customer Service.
They answered on the first ring.
I was asked my Last-Name and VIN#. I got the impression that they had my name.

He confirmed that my car was indeed built on the date shown in the upper left corner of my window sticker. He also confirmed that the car is being held at the factory because it is a new engine, and they are putting all the GTs through a complete QA after the production line. He had no release date to give me, or any idea of how/when they are releasing GTs to ship. He was very nice. I expressed my frustration. He told me that they are doing the same process with a new engine, (diesel), on a new F-250, or some such vehicle.
I asked if they had an 'auto-notify' via email or SMS, but was told, no. But it's perfectly fine to call them anytime. He could not tell me if it was on Ramp-51, or anywhere else, just that it was still listed as 'Not released from the factory'.
Ford Customer Service #: 800-392-3673

I'm guessing that they are being super-careful to have everything go perfectly, since the internet is so powerful in revealing any defects.

Anyway, my ordering info is:
Mustang GT Premium, Glass Roof, 64V Wheels, Comfort, Safety, White/Black.
Ordered: 4/16/2010
Built: 5/19/2010
Waiting in Flat Rock MI: as of 6/15/2010

- I'll update the forum when I get an update.
Good luck to all you fellow 'waiters'.
I do think that the wait is worth it, but that Ford should be more informative to their loyal customers.

Mine was built exactly one month before yours. I called CS yesterday and got an entirely different story, with a promise of a call from a supervisor later in the day....which never came, of course. Bottom line, they said no GTs would be shipped before late July...which is obviously not true. I think CS just makes this stuff up as they go along. My ETA has been 5/4 since 5/4.
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