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Originally Posted by richm2256 View Post
A little patience people...... I understand how anxious you get waiting for that car to arrive, but A) there's nothing you can do about it and getting upset doesn't change a thing B) a year from now, you'll only be thinking of how much you love that car, and you'll forget how long you waited for it.

I seel rtail furniture, and have told countless customers that their sofa will take 6-8 weeks to deliver. Every once in a while there is a "glitch" and it can take up to as long as 12 weeks. That's when I remind them how much they're going to enjoy it when it arrives, and to just let go of the frustration.

Let it go, it comes in when it comes in.

By the way, I have to agree; I was in the Army for three years myself, and with the way it runs, it's a wonder anything gets done at all.
Going to disagree on this one. Vehemently. I am so soured over this order process that I will NEVER forget it. On the other hand, Ford has some of the best products available to customers and I remain enthusiastic about owning one.
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