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Originally Posted by JEB View Post

My Mustang was sitting in the dealer lot, calling my name...

It literally said "Hey JEB, get yo coonass self over here and buy me chere!"

It did, I garontee!:kooky:

Anyhow, reading about all the ordering issues folks were having back then, I just decided to wait it out a little bit. My daughter was born in late April, so I knew I'd need something with more back seat than my F150 ext cab.. Early May hit and I was driving home from work, and I heard this voice.. "Hey JEB, Look o'er here!"
I looked, and there it was, gleaming in the setting sun... like a shot from a movie. I called the wife, and said I'd be home late.

She already knew I'd been looking for one, because it had more back seat to fit the baby in..:shiny:

So, moral of the story folks: Patience pays off.
A lot of us 06'ers ordered the 05 only to be disappointed to find out they would never be produced due to allocation issues. So we had to wait and order an 06. I am talking months not weeks.

So you 2011 people quit whining!

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