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Originally Posted by csm24id3en View Post
This is unbelievable. I wrote a thread yesterday about my GT500 sitting at a truck ramp in CO for 10 days. I called customer service yesterday afternoon they're at a loss why it's still there, they say they'll get back to me. Nothing!! Yet. My dealer calls his rep and get's the following email

"On the Shelby, the only thing we are being told is that the hold could last until the end of July. That is all we have been advised so far.

Glad the reminders are helpful. Please let me know if you need any additional assistance. Thanks and have a great afternoon.

Best Regards, "

Ford Motor Company - Select Dealer Region
Denver/Phoenix Sales Zone Manager

So needless to say I'm giving up hope for anything soon. I go into town this morning to pick up a radiator for my 67 coupe. I decide to drive by the dealer and guess what? They're standing around a transporter with my car on it. The dealer is at a loss why he wasn't getting the right story. I'm a happy camper. Hope I can concentrate long enough to put the 67 back together.
That is a beautiful Shelby!
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