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I test drove 3 cars before purchasing my 2011 GT Vert-----

Camrao 2SS
Corvette C6 Vert
Corvette Z06

The Z06 was an absolute BEAST!

The C6 felt tame and "slow"compared to the Z06 (maybe its bc i test drove them back to back)

The Camaro has well low end grunt and felt AWESOME---but to big and gawky,felt like a sailboat with blind spots

I still woundt purchase any of the above (exception of Z06, but not looking to spend that much)

I have had 6 New Mustangs since 2000 ranging from Mach 1's-Terminators-GT Coupes,and what i just got out of was a 2008 GT/CS Vert in Black, and 2010 GT Vert

I also noticed ALOT of banks DO NOT wanna approve a GM car loan due to their financial issues, and im talking about buyers with 750+ Fico scores too!

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